Winding Creek is actually zoned for Palmetto high School. We are considered Duette, however there is no transportation to or from Palmetto High School into Winding Creek. Because of this issue, there are a few steps you must first take in order to register your child at the preferred school.

      Visit the Student Assignment office for Manatee County in Palmetto located at:  1st Ave E, Palmetto, FL 34221 Behind Lincoln Middle School.

      Request a hardship form for your child. “Because there is no transportation” You must fill this document out in their office. They will email a document to you within 7 days. Take this document with you to Lakewood Ranch High School to register your child. Until the county changes the zoning in our area, every time you register a child at Lakewood Ranch High School this will be necessary. They will also tell you there’s no bus that comes into Winding Creek, there is and the bus stop is located at 20th ct and 411 ct on the corner. If you need further information please contact the association